LS Hospital Medical Center & Research

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LS Hospital Medical Center & Research is geared towards providing the best health care to national and international patients, based on partnerships developed in various countries, with the main focus on the multi-specialty oncology and surgical areas.

LS Hospital Medical Center & Research is one of the largest and most complete private healthcare providers in Portugal with a strong vocation for quality and innovation in the services provided.

The LS Hospital Medical Center & Research matrix runs through:

- to be an integrated and highly differentiated provider of health care services for domestic and international patients, the International Patient;

- excellence in the provision of health care as well as in the quality and care of the clinical act with a multi disciplinary and multi speciality approach - individual and personalised check-up;
- investment in partnerships with other service providers and KOL, as well as research, training and training centres, in addition to the already conventional partnership with medical teams at international level;
- value team medicine, patient-centred medicine with cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach. At LS Hospital Medical Center & Research you are welcomed by one doctor and treated by several in an integrated manner;
- support and social responsibility, both at the level of environmental responsibility with procedures such as "paper less" and at the social level in the support of medical causes.

We innovate to provide better care.

International Patient

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LS Hospital Medical Center & Research promotes the continuous development of the best professionals, through investment in their training, participation in training actions with rigour, method and discipline that guarantee a high standard of demand. The teams at LS Hospital Medical Center & Research are formed and chosen only with professionals of reference in their area, who are differentiated by their experience, specialization and dedication to the patient.
We are constantly investing in human resources, technology and advanced equipment, both in terms of complementary and diagnostic means and in terms of equipment that guarantee the best and most customised treatment for each patient.


LS Hospital Medical Center & Research is distinguished by its clinical governance model focused on the patient and on the multi disciplinary approach, seeking to provide the most comprehensive health care to the entire population as well as to be in the front line for modern-day pathologies such as cancer and multipathology, in a permanent concern for the well-being and health of each patient.

Our services include:


Unscheduled appointment attendance

Consultations and Exams

Consultations and examinations in a wide range of specialities;


Dedicated areas with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to our patients' health problems;

Surgery and Check-Up

Surgery and Check-Up Programme