LS Hospital Medical Center & Research offers a programme and assistance to international patients from outside Portugal.

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The International Patients programme is an excellent healthcare service in which international patients are cared for by a multidisciplinary team with an International Medical Coordinator. The Medical Coordinator is an LS Hospital Medical & Research reference who will assist you and your family members with all administrative steps.


Treatment of the whole process

- Planning your trip to Portugal
- Visa assistance
- Choosing the best hotels
- Scheduling of exams and consultations
- Providing accommodation and transport
- Facilitating post-treatment and follow-up

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Outpatient Medical Services

LS Hospital Medical Center & Research offer various diagnostics and procedures such as blood tests up to the most advanced genetic tests as well as imaging examinations.

Before you make your trip to Portugal and LS Hospital Medical Center & Research, our Out International Patients department will provide you with a diagnostic programme that will be discussed and customised with the help of our medical team and our clinical director according to your needs.

LS Hospital Medical Center & Research ensures a set of high quality analysis and diagnostics through a multidisciplinary approach and supported through the extensive expertise of our resident medical staff as well as renowned international physicians and institutions.

For eventual surgical treatments, the most appropriate body of doctors is needed, who will be involved in prior and planned admission in order to ensure the best convenience for the patient.


One of the main priorities of LS Hospital Center & Research is the comfort and health of our patients. Our medical staff's main objective is to ensure the best care and personal needs that guarantee the best comfort, privacy and safety.

LS hospital Medical Center & Research guarantees family members and carers the possibility of staying with the patient, or helping to find the best accommodation outside the hospital.

On the day of the surgeries, treatments and consultations, we ensure that the family has access to information in real time on the clinical picture and evolution, either in person or via a web-based conference call.

LS Hospital Medical Center & research guarantees an exceptional knowledge of hospital skills, with the involvement of senior experts in a wide range of specialities, as our main objective is a rapid response.

International Patients

Transport, accommodation and services

LS Hospital Medical Center & Research offers private patient and companion services. Our International Patient Office ensures transportation, accommodation and other services from the scheduling of your diagnoses to your departure.

We have agreements with transport service providers with high quality standards in order to guarantee your arrival with maximum comfort and that of your family members, at special rates to be agreed upon.

We can also develop entertainment programmes, with a wide variety of offers, from personal shopping, city tours or relaxing dinners.

Back home

On your return home, our International Patients office will ensure that you receive a complete package of information, for example:

- procedures performed during your hospitalisation;
- the follow-up care instructions;
- medical and treatment prescriptions.

Our support does not end at the moment of discharge, so our programme includes a personalised follow-up programme.

Our medical staff together with our medical coordinator will follow and monitor your health condition, give you answers to questions and all the clarifications you need.

For those patients who wish to receive a full and more complex medical treatment, a programme of follow-up appointments will be made.